For Parents

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The Strength Switch Parenting Course

Join Lea Online For a 5-Week Course and Explore a Range of Activities to Help Your Family…

  • Find a new and positive way of seeing the qualities and talents in each other.

  • Have a lens to understand the perspectives and motivations of other family members.

  • Create an energizing and fun approach to parenting and family communication.


The Strength Switch Book

How the New Science of Strength-Based Parenting Can Help Your Child and Teen to Flourish

Based on Professor Lea Waters’ groundbreaking research in strength-based parenting, The Strength Switch has now been translated into 10 languages helping parents around the globe tackle the toughest parts of parenting.


Teacher Training

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Visible Wellbeing™

When We Feel Good, We Function Well

Visible Wellbeing™ is an approach to teaching that makes the very act of teaching itself a factor that builds student wellbeing.

Designed by award winning and internationally acclaimed psychology researcher, Professor Lea Waters (PhD), Visible Wellbeing™ (VWB) combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning to achieve the three key goals of:

  1. Helping students and staff to more clearly see their own and other’s wellbeing using VWB practices

  2. Helping students and staff more systematically build wellbeing using the SEARCH framework;

  3. Facilitating learning through the visible wellbeing classroom process.


Student Programs

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Strength Stars Framework

A Strength-Based Framework for Early Learning Years

  • Based on early childhood education principles.

  • Activities use play-based, inquiry-based, student-centered learning.

  • Resources for staff and students available for download.

  • Activities to connect with families.

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Strength Stars Cards

For Early Education, Based on the 24 VIA Character Strengths

The Strengths Stars cards provide a learning tool for young children to discover and develop their character strengths. Strength Stars cards are based on the philosophy of early education that recognise the early years as a critical period in children’s learning, development and identity.

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Strengths for Kids and Teens Framework

A Strength-Based Framework for Kids and Teens

  • Help kids and teens to discover their character strengths

  • 50+ activities and resources for students and teachers

  • Special section to help staff and faculty develop their strengths

  • Posters and visuals to display all across the school


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Strengths for Kids and Teens Cards

Cards Set Based on the 24 VIA Character Strengths

The Strengths cards provide a learning tool for kids and teens to discover and develop their character strengths. These cards are one part of the Strengths for Kids and Teens program that has been developed by psychologist and education expert Lea Waters, PhD based upon her university research and acclaimed book The Strength Switch.


Keynotes & Workshops

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Have Lea Come Speak to Your Parents, Teachers, Students or Employees…

Lea has shared her strength-based strategies with parents, educators, students and leaders all over the world.

Learn more about Lea’s workshop and keynote presentation options.