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Simply Expressing Gratitude Will Help You Build an Empire

Lea's research on gratitude at work was featured in Entrepreneur magazine.

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Focusing on kindness, not consumption, this Christmas

Amid the Christmas crazy, how can parents teach kids what really matters this festive season? Lea shares her top five tips for teaching kids to focus on kindness, not consumption. Read it in The University of Melbourne's Pursuit Magazine.


From strength to strength

Kate Barber talks with Lea about the power of ‘strength-based parenting’ to provide our kids with two vital tools: optimism about the future and resilience when thrown a curve ball. Read the article in Family Times.


There's good news and there's bad news: why positivity on social media drives positive interaction 

Read this The Drum article featuring Lea's insights.


7 ways parents can teach girls to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down

Read The Washington Post article featuring Lea here.


Lea on 'Womenace to Society' podcast

Lea speaks with Lisa Landry of the 'Womenace to Society' podcast. Listen to Part 1 here. Part 2 here.


Be a Strength-Based Parent

By focusing on our children's strengths, we can help them flourish—and stop being so critical and worried. Read Lea's article on Mindful.


How do you deal with grief – fall apart under its weight, or stay strong?

"Since my sister’s suicide I have gone on – for her son, for my kids, for me. The sadness will stay but I am bigger than my grief." Read Lea's article in The Guardian.


Positive Parenting – is it possible?

An article by Jason Broderick on Positive Parenting featuring the Strength Switch and Strength-Based Parenting.


Kids Are Hardwired to Be Negative... You Can Change That!

Learn the keys to overcoming negativity in this article featuring Lea on Linda Stade's blog.


How to Be a Strength-Based Parent

By focusing on our children's strengths, we can help them flourish--and stop being so critical and worried... read more of Lea's article in U.C. Berkeley's Greater Good Magazine.


Lea's SBP talk at The Shipley School is featured on the local news

WPVI-TV (an ABC news affiliate in Philadelphia, PA, USA) covers Lea's talk to The Shipley School. Watch the segment here.


Shipley School celebrates 125 years of changemakers

An article featuring Lea's visit to The Shipley School as part of their 125th anniversary celebration. Read more in Main Line Media News.


9 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cope with Jealousy

An article featuring Lea in The Washington Post


Lea on Morning Dose TV in Dallas

Lea and Jenny Anchondo talk about easy things to do to become a strengths-based parent.


Lea on New Zealand TV's The Cafe

Watch Lea chat about strength-based parenting with the hosts of The Cafe.


Parents need a strength switch: to help them and their kids

"Focusing on what children do well helps them to behave better – and you to parent well, says Lea Waters" An article in The Guardian by Lea.


Five Ways to Support Students Affected by Trauma

An article by Lea in Greater Good Magazine.


Why Focusing on What’s “Right” is Positive Psychology’s Best Parenting Strength

An article about The Strength Switch by Positive Minds International.


The Strength Switch on The Dyslexia Quest podcast

Listen to Lea speak about the Strength Switch and why it can help you flourish on The Dyslexia Questpodcast hosted by Elisheva Schwartz. Listen here.


Visible Wellbeing: a critical resource for leadership and learning in schools

An article by Lea in Bastow's Horizon magazine.


5 Ways to Play to Your Child's Strengths

An article featuring The Strength Switch and Lea's research in Parents magazine.


Why Don't Australian School Kids Feel a Sense of Belonging?

Respectful and valued relationships with teachers and the wider community are key to helping more students feel greater connection to their school, leading to far-reaching positive effects. An article co-authored by Lea in Pursuit.


The week two wobbles: kids are feeling lonely at school, and it's getting worse

It’s the Pisa result nobody’s talking about – Australian students are increasingly feeling isolated in their school communities. An article by Lea in The Guardian.


Interview on the Humans of Purpose podcast

Listen to Lea speak about Positive Psychology, Growth and Action on the Humans of Purpose podcast hosted by Mike Davis. Listen here.


Why Gratitude Is the Best Gift We Can Give Our Children

Article by Lea for Happify.


Lea on Radio New Zealand

Listen to Lea speak about how to play to your child's strengths on RNZ's Nine to Noon with host Kathryn Ryan. Listen here.


The 411 on Strength-Based Parenting

Article featuring Lea and The Strength Switch on Fit Bottomed Mamas.


Helping families thrive

Article by Lea for the Australian Psychological Society.


Balancing the Curriculum: Teaching gratitude, hope and resilience

Article by Lea in The Queensland Principal Journal.


Dr. Lea Waters on strengths-based school culture

Article featuring Lea in SchoolNews - Australia.


Build on your strengths and be happier at work

Article featuring Lea in INTHEBLACK Magazine.


Lea on New Zealand Breakfast TV

Lea speaks to NZTV about Strength-Based Parenting and her book The Strength Switch
Watch here.


Lea on Mix FM NZ Radio

Listen to Lea speak about strength-based parenting on Mix FM in New Zealand with host Mel Homer


Lea on Coast FM NZ Radio

Listen to Lea speak about strength-based parenting on Coast FM in New Zealand with host Jason Reeves


Where There's A Will launches national first, Visible Wellbeing training, at Muswellbrook

Article featuring Lea in the Muswellbrook Chronicle


Parents urged to play to kids' strengths rather than try to fix their weaknesses

Article featuring Lea on Perth Now


Interview on the Good Life Project

Listen to a powerful interview with Lea by Jonathan Fields from the Good Life Project


Thank You! The 'Parent' of All Virtues

Excerpt from The Strength Switch for Signs of the Times


How Goofing Off Helps Kids Learn

Excerpt from The Strength Switch for The Atlantic


The Power of Positive Parenting

Article by Lea in The Wall Street Journal.


Visible Wellbeing on ABC Radio

Hear Lea speak about Visible Wellbeing on ABC Darwin Radio


8 Simple Daily Practices to Become the Best Version of Yourself, Starting Today

Article featuring Lea's work on Inc.


Strength-based parenting: How seeing the best in your child brings out the best in everyone

Article by Lea on Motherly


Review: The Strength Switch

Publishers Weekly review of The Strength Switch


Why Parents Need to Dial Back the Criticism

Article in TIME magazine's motto publication


Interview on 700WLW Radio Cincinnati

Lea chats with Scott Sloan on how strength-based parenting can help with kids and smartphones...


PARENTS: 24/7 CEOs of Our Kids’ Lives

Book Extract from The Strength Switch in Pursuit


How to make your kids more resilient and build up their strengths

Article featuring Lea in the Herald Sun


This Is the Most Underrated Way to Be a Better Leader in Everything You Do

Lea Waters is quoted in The Muse about how gratitude increases job satisfaction. Read it here.


Interview on The Mojo Radio Show

Lea chats with Gary Bertwistle and Darren Robertson on the Mojo Radio Show about strength-based leadership and parenting


How to raise positive happy kids

Article featuring Lea for 9Mums on 9Honey


Self-entitled, moi? Teens, narcissism and why 'special' and 'unique' are different things

Article by Lea in The Guardian


Positive Education in Sweden

Article in Swedish magazine Grundskoletidningen


Positive Education in Sweden

Article in Swedish magazine Grundskoletidningen


Happy Schools Make Happy Children

Read the article featuring Lea on the Live Happy website.


Interview on Get the Funk Out - KUCI-FM

Lea speaks about strength-based parenting on the KUCI-FM in Los Angeles


Talking about strength-based parenting with Lea Waters

Read the interview with Lea in from the Kids Matters newsletter.


Strength-Based Parenting

As seen in the Fernwood magazine.


Defining positive psychology

An interview with Lea by Pearson on positive education and the Visible Wellbeing program.