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Lea is committed to spreading the science of positive psychology as widely as possible and has been regularly featured on TV and radio, including Morning Dose (The CW, USA), Revolution School (ABC, Australia), Matter of Fact (ABC, Australia), Destination Happiness (Channel Nine, Australia), Today Extra (Channel Nine, Australia), National Nightly News (Channel Ten, Australia), The Project (TV3, New Zealand), The Café (NZTV, New Zealand), Breakfast (NZTV, New Zealand). Lea is also frequently featured in print media, including The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Globe, and The Guardian.


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Lea on ABC Radio

Lea chats to Libbi Gorr about grace, humility and gratitude for ABC Radio.

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Focus on strengths, not weaknesses

Lea’s approach being used in India reported on in the Deccan Herald. Read the article here.

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Lea on ABC Radio

In the midst of the 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology, Lea chats to Libbi Gorr for ABC Radio.

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Positively Proactive: Leading the way in wellbeing education

Samuel Marsden Collegiate School has become the first Visible Wellbeing school in New Zealand. Learn more here.


Accentuate the Positive: Professor Lea Waters

In an address to Communities in Control, Professor Lea Waters called on not-for-profit sector organisations to work towards overcoming their negativity bias and focus instead on strengths. Read more.


Lea in conversation with Carin Rockind for the Women's Happiness Summit

Lea shares her insights into women’s happiness, strengths and positive psychology.


Lea in conversation with Luis Gallardo for the World Happiness Agora

Lea talks all things positive education and Strength Based Parenting as part of the World Happiness Agora. Learn more about the Agora here.


Lea takes part in the Happy Child Summit

Lea talks about how to discover internal happiness by using your child's strengths. View a teaser of Lea's talk here and register for lifetime access to The Happy Child Summit here.


Lea on the Microsoft Flagship School Podcast

Lea discusses how to create a positive culture in schools in episode 5 of the Microsoft Flagship School Podcast. Listen here.


Lea's interview on The Today Show

Lea shares the all important secret to happiness on Australia's Channel 9.

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Unlock your child's energy and potential using Strength-Based Parenting

Lea is featured on pages 58-59 in Wellbeing World Magazine's Summer 2019 issue as an international guest contributor. Read Lea's article here.


The Strengths of Children Should Be Promoted: Waters

Mexico's Milenio Newspaper outlines Lea's recent presentation at Interamerican School Monterrey in this article by Daniela Garcia. Read the article here.

Happy people have these traits in common

Lea explains how to form happiness habits and shares the common traits of happy people. Read the article here.

5 reasons taking a holiday is good for your health

Lea discusses the many benefits of taking holidays in this article featured in 9Honey.

The top ways to make someone smile on International Day of Happiness

Lea shares her top tips for making other people smile in this article by Ainslie Murray. Read here.


7 ways to make your life more joyful from a place where happiness finds you

Lea explains how the Fijian principles of happiness can cultivate long-term joy. Read the full article in Arianna Huffington's publication Thrive Global.


Lea on 'Radio New Zealand'

Jesse Mulligan of Radio NZ speaks with Lea about wellbeing in the schoolyard.


Lea on 'The Project' on New Zealand TV

Lea speaks about Strength-Based Parenting and The Strength Switch on New Zealand TV's 'The Project'. Watch here.

Happiest People on Earth: Why ‘Bulanaires’ are the New Billionaires

Lea shares her principles of happiness as part of Tourism Fiji’s Bulanaires campaign. Read the article in KarryOn.


Tourism Fiji’s New Bulanaires Campaign Launches Today

Travel Monitor mentions Lea’s involvement in the Bulanaires Campaign on the International Day of Happiness. Read it here.

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Tourism Fiji Celebrates International Day of Happiness with New ‘Bulanaires List’

Travel Weekly features Lea’s insights and talks about how she helped assist in development of the principles guiding the Bulanaires list. Read it here.


Tourism Fiji Launches Campaign To Celebrate The Bula Spirit

Global Travel Insights features Lea’s principles of happiness. Read more here.

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How cultivating a positive mindset benefits your 'emotional fitness'

The Sydney Morning Herald asks Lea how to cultivate a positive mindset. Read the online version here. See the print version in The Sun-Herald's Sunday Life magazine here.


Positively proactive: Leading the way in wellbeing education

This press release from Samuel Marsden Collegiate School details how Visible Wellbeing will equip everyone at the school to be healthy. Read it here.


Studies show that kids need more downtime than you might think

This article in Babygaga features insights from Lea's book The Strength Switch. Read here.


Lea takes part in The Motivated Child Summit

Lea talks about strengths and motivation in your child. View a teaser of Lea's talk here and register for lifetime access to The Motivated Child Summit here.

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Teenagers with mental illnesses could slip into relapse

Lea's Visible Wellbeing work is featured in the Khaleej Times in the United Arab Emirates.


Lea on the 'Potential Psychology' Podcast

Lea speaks with Ellen Jackson about Strength-Based Parenting and flicking the Strength Switch. Listen here.


Lea on ABC News program 'Matter of Fact'

Lea speaks with host Jeremy Fernandez about youth depression and the role that schools can play. Watch Lea's interview.