Lea in the Media



Interview on ABC Radio 936 Hobart with Ryk Goddard: Strength-based parenting


Interview on ABC Radio 891 with Ian Henschke: Positive Psychology and the Rex J Lipman Lecture at St Peter's College


Interview with 'Child Circle Magazine' on Strength-based parenting

Read it here.


How Facebook effects your mood

Click here to read The Daily Telegraph article where Kimberly Gillan interviews Lea about the effects of social media on our emotions


Interview on RRR Radio: Strength-based parenting


Smiles all round: why sharing happy news is good for you and everyone you know

Click here to read Lea's Article in The Conversation on why positive news spreads through social media more than negative news and how we make others happy with what we share


Imagine if we taught stillness in Schools

Click here to read Lea's article in The Pursuit on the need for downtime and meditation in schools


Strength-Based Parenting Style Helps Kids Become More Resilient

Click here to read Lea's paper in the Parent Herald on "The relationship between strength-based parenting with children's stress levels and strength-based coping approaches."


Kids Love Balloons Episode #25: Lea Waters

Podcast on Kids Love Balloons


Interview on ABC Radio National about Lea's new Visible Wellbeing approach


Lea is featured on the ABC documentary "Revolution School"

Click here to see ABC trailer for 'Revolution School'


Professor Lea Waters, Positive Psychology Expert named among 100 Women of Influence

Click here to read the article published by Melbourne University News Room regarding Lea's Award in Financial Review and Westpac the Top 100 Women of Influence


Interview with ABC South Australia South East: Mindful Parenting

Lea discusses her research on mindful parenting with Selina Green from ABC SA South East breakfast radio. Click here to listen


Relax and Your Kids Will Follow Your Laid-Back Lead

Click here to read Susie O'Brien's interview in The Adelaide Advertiser with Lea on how strength-based parenting can reduce stress and help primary-aged children cope with life.


Interview with ABC Sydney: Using mindfulness to help kids with back to school transition

Kathy McDonald from ABC Sydney radio 'Afternoon Show' interview's Lea about mindfulness in school transition


Strength based approaches to parenting in late adolescence

Click here to read Katherine Smith's interview in The Age with Lea about understanding a teenager's brain and the new concept of emerging adulthood.


Interview with ABC Adelaide radio: Social media as emotional therapy

Sonya Feldhoff from ABC Adeliade, 891, interviews lea about how to use social media in ways that benefit others


Strength-based parenting improves children’s resilience and stress levels

Children are more likely to use their strengths to effectively cope with minor stress in their life if they have parents who adopt a strength-based approach to parenting. Click here to learn more.


Interview with ABC Hobart radio: How positive social media creates happiness in others

Lea speaks with Louise Saunders at 936 ABC Hobart about the effect that social media has on our emotions and the emotions of others


Why we should teach meditation in Schools

Lea's article in The Conversation on why we should teach meditation in schools went viral and was downloaded over 16,000 times in 6 weeks all over the world. Read her article clinking this link.


Interview with 6PR Perth: Spreading positive messages through social media

Lea speaks with Journalist Mr Andy Shank about how we counter the negative messages of Big News Corporations by sharing good news through our social media sites


Beware of false happiness in the workplace

Companies like Google and Facebook have transformed the way we look at the modern workplace – but Neil McMahon, The Sydney Morning Herald, speaks to Lea and others to find that the key to tapping into the "happiness" revolution is about much more than bean-bags and a games room. Click Link to read


Interview with Michelle McQuaid: Strength-based parenting

During her trip to Orlando for the 2015 International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) conference, Lea was interviewed by Michelle McQuaid on strength-based parenting. Listen to how parenting has changed over the last 100 years and discover whether you are a HIP parent. Click here to listen


Public lecture at Melbourne Writers Festival: How to live

Superstars of science discuss the questions: How should we live? What makes a good life for individuals, cities and the planet? How do we balance doing good with our own needs? Speakers Hugh Mackay, Lea Waters and Stephen Ames tackle these BIG questions. Hosted by ABC RN Blueprint for Living‘s Michael Williams. Listen to Lea' talk here.


Getting the Happiness Formula right in class

Lea writes for The Conversation about the benefits of positive emotions to well-being and learning in school. Click here to read


ABC radio Sydney: Gratitude at Work

Why are most employees suffering from GDD - Gratitude Deficit Disorder - at work? What would happen if we had more gratitude at work? Lea discusses some easy and effective ways to increased gratitude and thankfulness in the office with James O'Loughlin at ABC Sydney Studio.


ABC radio Canberra: Mindfulness in Schools

Imagine if we taught stillness in schools? Meditation is proving to have many positive benefits for students. Lea talks with Phillip Clarke on breakfast radio about why we should find room in school timetables for meditation and about the difference between physical stillness and mental stillness.


Can we build better children?

In the past few years, there has been an exponential growth in social and emotional learning in Australian schools. Jill Stark from The Age interviews Lea on Emotional Intelligence skills in schools. Click here to read.


ABC National: Happy Children

Lea is part of a panel of experts on the topic of happy children with broadcaster Terry Robson's 'The Happiness Show' . Click here to listen


ABC radio South Australia: Meditation for students

How can we teach our students the skill of meditation so they can be calmer and more focused? Giving students a chance to 'switch off' and use meditation as a pathway for well-being and compassion could lead to a whole new way of teaching. Not to mention being an important technique for exam preparation.


The Pulse radio: Strength based parenting

Lea speaks with Mitchell Dye on breakfast radio about what strength based parenting actually means, why focusing on strengths is more effective than focusing on weaknesses and provides some concrete tips for how to be a strength based parent. Click link to listen


2SER Radio, Sydney: Mindfulness

Mitch Byatt explores the topic of mindfulness for young people and adults with Lea. Click here to listen


Student Youth Network Radio, Melbourne: Childhood stress and strength based Parenting

Tess Ikonomou interviews Lea about the relationship between stress in children and parenting style. They explore the need for more positive psychology research to be conducted with parents and children.


The time of their life?

Can positive psychology help students during their transition from high school to university? Professor Johanna Wyn and Professor Lea Waters are interviewed on the challenges and opportunities in Tertiary studies in The Voice Click here to read


Positive Tools for a lifetime

Teaching mental strength and resilience to teenagers can set them up for a happier and more successful life. Reported Margie Sheedy from the Sydney Morning Herald talks to Lea. Click here to read


Interview on the Strengths Phoenix (iTunes): Positive Education

Kristen Truempy from the Strengths Phoenix interviews Lea about the application of positive psychology in schools